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Lincoln Youth Football and Cheer




The name of this organization shall be Lincoln Youth Football and Cheer Club.

Please also refer to Articles of Incorporation established August 2016



As used in these bylaws, "LYFCC" shall mean the Lincoln Youth Football and Cheer Club. The word “Board” shall mean the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. The “Annual Parent’s Handbook” shall mean the informational packet that is revised each year by the Board and is distributed at registration. The “Parent’s Contract” shall mean the contract that outlines the Organization’s expectations from the parents/legal guardian that at least one parent/legal guardian is required to sign during the registration process.



This Organization is hereby affiliated with the Kensington Valley Youth Football League (KVC) for Football and Livingston Country Area Cheer/Pom for Cheerleading (LCACC) and the and the Lincoln Youth Football and Cheer Club (LYFCC) and is subject to the Constitution and Bylaws of those bodies in so far as they prescribe the functions and purpose of this local football club.



The purpose of the LYFCC is to promote the physical, mental, and moral development and well being of youth that are an average of six to fourteen years of age, without regard to sex, race, creed, color, or religion. In addition, to provide the means through which the individual shall receive education and instruction in the sports of football and cheerleading; and the purpose of setting up such a program that will be to develop a sense of fair play, honest and fair competition, and true sportsmanship. Also, to ensure the protection of the physical health and welfare of each participant shall be attained by approved protective equipment and emphasis upon equal competitive standards, rather than the winning of games or any other adult competitive standard.



Membership is open to any adult person residing in Lincoln Consolidated School District or within the local club boundaries as prescribed by the KVC/LCACC or any waiver participant who agree with the purposes of the organization and desire to have their child(ren) participate in the football and/or cheerleading programs of the Organization. 



The Board will establish the registration fees for all participants in the football and cheerleading programs and will communicate the fees in the Annual Parent’s Handbook. No participant in fully registered until all fees are received and all registration paperwork is completed and turned into the Registrar (this also included the executed Parent’s Contract). 



The Board will establish the refund policy for all participants in the football and cheerleading programs and will communicate this policy in the Annual Parent’s Handbook. 


The dates of the regular meetings will be established by the new (incoming) Board as soon as possible after the election of the new Board and appointment of same. Said meeting dates will be established by any criteria so desired, but will consider the KVC/LCACC meeting dates and also the football schedule for the current season. Regular meetings shall be open to all Board Members and guests of the local club. The dates of the special meetings will follow the criteria and procedure established in the constitution. 



Board Members are voted in each year in December. Board members agree to fulfill their responsibilities as listed, knowing that more may be asked of them. If these obligations are not satisfied, the board member will be replaced at the discretion of the remainder of the board. See board member responsibilities listed below. A majority of members present, in person or by written proxy, and 51% of the current Board Positions shall constitute a quorum at any meeting and a majority vote of the members present, shall govern, except where otherwise provided for herein. Anyone within the LYFCC community may vote on board members via an online or in-person ballot.

Positions will be filled by volunteering for positions. A simple majority is needed to fill the position. In the event of a tie for a position, a random drawing of three current board members shall be drawn and their majority vote shall determine the person to fill the tied position.

Any Board member may resign, at any time, by giving written notice to any of the Executive Board Members. Such resignation shall take effect at the time specified therein, or if no time is specified, at the time of acceptance thereof, as determined by the Executive Board. The Executive Board may fill the vacancy, on an interim basis, followed by approval of the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Upon a majority vote of the Board, the Board may remove a Board Member but only after a full explanation of the reason for removal and a hearing of the person being removed has occurred.



The governing body of this Organization shall be its Board. The Board is made up of two levels detailed as follows:

Executive Board - the Executive Board shall be considered the offices of: President, Vice President, Director of Football, Director of Cheerleading, Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar.

Board of Directors – the Board of Directors shall be considered the offices of: Weigh Master, Volunteer Coordinator, Concession Coordinator, Sponsor and Fundraising, Equipment Manager. 

Starting in 2023 the Board will be voted in on either a 2 year or 1 year term.  For the 2023 Season the following positions will be a 2-year term:  President, Director of Cheer, Secretary, Equipment Manager, Sponsorship & Fundraiser, Concession Manager #1.  For the 2024 Season the following positions will be a 1-year term:  Vice President, Director of Football, Treasurer, Registrar, Volunteer Coordinator, Concession Manager #2.


The Board shall have supervision, control and direction over all of the ordinary business affairs of the organization and its committees. It shall determine the general policies, actively promote the organization's objectives, approve the annual budget and oversee the disbursement of its funds. The Board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of its business as shall be defined advisable and not otherwise in conflict with these bylaws.

All Board Members are entitled to one (1) vote in all board matters (except where it may be limited by the Organization’s Constitution). The only exception to this rule is the President, who shall only cast a vote in the event the voting by the Board has resulted in a tie. In these cases, the President’s vote shall break the tie.





  • Shall serve as Chairperson of the Board; 

  • Shall serve as liaison with the league and other teams; 

  • Shall be the primary public relations person and spokesperson for the organization, relating to city and school officials, the media, and members; 

  • Shall serve as chair of the meetings of the Board; 

  • Shall be an alternate League Representative with voting rights; 

  • Shall sit on the LYFCC Board; and 

  • Shall perform such other duties as are necessarily incident of the offices of President or as may be prescribed by the Board. 


Vice President 

  • Shall assist the President as requested; 

  • Shall be directly responsible for the Registrar; 

  • Shall automatically succeed the President in the case of a vacancy in that office. If and when the office of President becomes vacant, the Board shall elect a new Vice President  to fill the vacancy by said succession; 

  • Shall be an alternate League Representative with voting rights; 

  • Shall chair any meetings in the absence of the President; and 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 


Director of Cheer 

  • Shall oversee the cheerleading program and be directly responsible for all cheerleading coaches; 

  • Shall attend the LCACC cheer meetings; 

  • Shall serve as liaison between the LCACC cheerleading program and this Organization; and 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 


Director of Football 

  • Shall be directly responsible for all football coaches; 

  • Shall serve as the primary League Representative; 

  • Shall be directly responsible for, Equipment Manager;

  • Shall serve as the primary Player Safety Coach 

  • Shall be responsible for all football activities, including administration relative to league rule adherence and player safety initiatives. 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.


  • Shall be responsible for keeping an accurate attendance record of board meetings

  • Shall be responsible for keeping an accurate record of all minutes from board meetings including action log; 

  • Shall assist President with the preparation of meeting agendas, correspondences, and communications; 

  • Shall handle routine administrative affairs of the organization; and 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 



  • Shall develop and present the annual budget to the Board and to LYFCC; 

  • Shall be responsible to assure the Organization is within budget throughout the calendar year; 

  • Shall submit an Annual Report summarizing the year of all accounts at the Annual Meeting; 

  • Shall issue a report as to the financial status for each regular general board meeting; 

  • Shall forward to the LYFCC an account for all game receipts, raffles, concession stand receipts and other revenue receipts; 

  • Shall handle banking affairs such as deposits and disbursements; 

  • Shall forward all invoiced bills to the LYFCC and keep an accounting of same; and 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 



  • Shall oversee all aspects of the organization’s registration process and ensure that the Organization is in compliance with the rules of the KVC/LCACC; 

  • Shall oversee the multiple registration days; 

  • Shall assist Treasurer in fee collections; 

  • Shall maintain and distribute up-to-date rosters to the necessary Board Members, including but not limited to, Head Coaches and certifying proper completion and league compliance with regards to all necessary participant paperwork; 

  • Shall prepare packets for the KVC Roster Exchange at games, to include team rosters for Football & Cheerleading

  • Shall provide each Head Coach with a three ring binder containing copies of the team roster, registration and physical forms. Notification of delinquent forms such as birth certificates should also be included; 

  • Shall assist in updating rosters for quits/transfers, etc, and advise Equipment Manager; 

  • Shall provide rosters of all opponents for the Organization’s home games to Publication Coordinator for completion of the home game programs; 

  • Shall be familiar with and follow all KVC/LCACC Rules regarding the Registrar responsibilities that are outlined in the KVC/LCACC Rule Book; 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 




Lincoln Athletic Department Rep – Not Voted in, Selected by the Lincoln Athletic Department

  • Shall attend board meetings

  • Shall be the liaison between LYFCC & the Lincoln Athletic Department

  • Shall advise the board of any Lincoln Athletic communication


Equipment Manager 

  • Shall advise the Board, prior to and after each season, as to necessary needs and advise as to specification of all equipment and purchase of same; 

  • Shall submit a recommended budget and remain within the Board approved amount; 

  • Shall make necessary and approved purchases of equipment and uniforms; 

  • Shall provide the participants with the necessary equipment; 

  • Shall be responsible for maintenance and inventory of all necessary uniforms and equipment to provide for the safety and operation of the program; 

  • Shall be responsible for proper storage of equipment throughout the calendar year; 

  • Shall work hand-in-hand with the coaches and staff to provide for the ultimate equipping and safety of the participants in the program; and 

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 


Sponsorship and Fundraiser

  • Shall work with current sponsors and seek additional sponsors;

  • Shall help organize fundraisers;

  • Shall present new fundraiser ideas to the board for approval;

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.


Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Shall schedule volunteers for all tasks related to the operation of home games; 

  • Shall schedule volunteers for cheer fest if applicable in conjunction with the Director of Cheerleading; 

  • Shall schedule all volunteers that include, 50/50, chain gang, concession, and others;

  • Shall maintain a record of volunteer service for each family member to document compliance with the mandatory volunteer requirements set forth in the Annual Parent’s Handbook; 

  • Shall assist Concessions Manager in operations of concessions.

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board. 


Concession Manager (2)

  • Shall work with Executive Board on concession budget and supplies needed;

  • Shall help purchase needed supplies and keep accurate records of sales;

  • Shall submit all receipts and sales totals to the President, Vice President, and Treasurer each day after concession sales are complete;

  • Shall perform other duties as may be prescribed by the Board.



Players, Parents, Coaches and all spectators will abide by the following Code of Ethics. All parents will sign acknowledgement of the rules. In the event that any member of the LYFCC shall commit act which reflects negatively, discredits, or disrepute’s thereon or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the Bylaws, rules, regulations and philosophy adopted by the LYFCC shall be automatically suspended from all LYFCC activities, with written notice provided within ten (10) days, with the right to be heard, simple majority vote at the next regular Board Meeting or a special meeting called for such purpose.


All coaches for football and cheerleading, Board Members, and team officials, whether with or without realization of the fact, are looked upon as potential Role Models by the participants. We want to instill in the children values such as good sportsmanship, courage, loyalty and self worth.

Good sportsmanship occurs when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect. Children learn the basics of sportsmanship from the adults in their lives, especially their parents and their coaches. Children who see adults behaving in a sportsmanlike way gradually come to understand that the real winners in sports are those who know how to persevere and to behave with dignity — whether they win or lose a game. Parents can help their children understand that good sportsmanship includes both small gestures and heroic efforts. It starts with something as simple as shaking hands with opponents before a game and includes acknowledging good plays made by others and accepting bad calls gracefully. Displaying good sportsmanship isn't always easy: It can be tough to congratulate the opposing team after losing a close or important game. But the children who learn how to do it will benefit in many ways. Children who bully or taunt others on the playing field aren't likely to change their behavior when in the classroom or in social situations. In the same way, a child who practices good sportsmanship is likely to carry the respect and appreciation of other people into every other aspect of life.


Following are guidelines that will help instill that sportsmanship:

  • Unless you're coaching your child's team, you need to remember that you're the parent. Shout words of encouragement, not directions, from the sidelines (there is a difference!).

  • If you are your child's coach, don't expect too much out of your own child. Don't be harder on him or her than on anyone else on the team, but don't play favorites either.

  • Keep your comments positive. Don't bad-mouth coaches, players, or game officials. If you have a serious concern please refer to the LYFCC Parent/Coach Communication Guide.

  • Set a good example with your courteous behavior toward the parents of kids on the other team. Congratulate them when their kids win.

  • Parents and Guardians are not to enter a game or practice field at any time unless called upon by a coach or board member. During practice times parents and guardians are to remain 20 feet from the practice field at all times.


  • Finally, don't forget to have fun. Even if your child isn't the star, enjoy the game while you're thinking of all the benefits your child is gaining — new skills, new friends, and attitudes that can help all through life.


The following are considered violations of the Code of Conduct and shall apply to any Lincoln Youth Football/Cheerleading Club Board member, coach, director, participant, volunteer, parent, or fan and are subject to discipline.

  • No bullying, name-calling, offensive speech or the use of vulgar acts, obscenities or gestures.

  • No threats, intimidation, taunting or disrespect.

  • No possession, consumption or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs.

  • No smoking on school grounds.

  • No fighting, theft of property or personal items. 



As a requirement for membership in the KVC/LCACC it is required that all Agents, Board of Directors, Coaches, or any other adult having contact with the children of the LYFCC be subjected to a criminal history background check.

If the criminal background check reveals a conviction in the past (7) seven years involving an act of violence or sexual offense, the individual will not be eligible to participate in any activities associated with the LYFCC or KVC/LCACC.



Changes to the Club bylaws can be done by presenting a proposed change to the board at a monthly club meeting. The board and members present at the next monthly meeting will vote to either:

  • Accept the changes

  • Not accept the changes or

  • Table the proposed changes until the next monthly meeting for further discussion.


Bylaw changes will go into effect with a simple majority vote of subjects present at the meeting. These changes will be reported to the league.

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